300 Guns! Wow! West Fargo Hockey Association


We love this kind of stuff and are betting you do too!  Handguns. Shotguns. Muzzleloaders. Oh my!

Drawing will be held Saturday, April 19th at the Holiday Inn, Fargo, ND.

Hurry!  Ticket sales limited to 6000.   From their site: “Tickets are offered first come first served in our presale offer to those who provided email and mailing information to us. The presale ends January 13th and will be offered to the public at that time. Tickets are $40.00. ”

So, Hurry! Click Here: West Fargo Hockey

The Southeast Colorado Friends of NRA – Raffles!

They have just about sold out of the Home Defense Package raffle tickets. They have another raffle going for a Smith & Wesson 380 Body Guard. The drawings for these raffles will be held at their Oct. 19th, 2013 dinner.You can get tickets from…

via The Friends of NRA hold raffle – Lamar Ledger.  All the contact information is there.

Here is the group’s page at the FriendsofNRA.org website.

Good Luck!